Saturday, March 3, 2007

Religion is dangerous in the hands of conservatives

This is from a correspondence between some TNR readers and Damon Linker. He makes it clear that he believes religion is only dangerous in the hands of conservatives. Here is part of his response.

Crafting an adequate response to Pamela Hamblin's letter would require engaging in a fairly elaborate bit of Mormon prooftexting. Out of consideration for tnr's non-LDS readers, I'll limit myself to suggesting that Hamblin reread Joseph Smith's "King Follett Discourse" and the entry on "Natural Law" in the Encyclopedia of Mormonism for some evidence that Mormon theology is just a bit more unorthodox than she seems to believe. As for Hamblin's contention that, in my view, "[r]eligion is only dangerous in the hands of conservative Republicans," I unapologetically plead guilty, at least if we limit ourselves to the present moment in U.S. political history. It is, after all, the religious right that has injected piety into the nation's politics in recent years.
(The entire correspondence can be found here.)

The King Follett Discourse can be found here, "Nature, Law of" from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism here.

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